Death Ride

The Death Ride – Tour of the California Alps is a cycling feat. Five mountain passes, a total of 15,000 feet of elevation gain and 129 miles in one ride is a challenge for even the most experienced cyclist. Every year approximately 3,000 people from across the world attend the event but only ~2,000 finish all 5 passes. Our goal is to provide you with the Death Ride training and information necessary to cross the finish line.  Each plan has been created to help you find and maintain your pace while navigating the passes so you can achieve your Death Ride goal time.


Choice of 1 of 2 custom plans based on the amount of time you have to spend training and your finishing time goal.

  • Community forum for support, training advice, and meeting other Death Ride racers
  • Route tips and details of each climb (videos included)
  • Pacing, climbing, descending and strength training techniques (videos included)
  • Equipment and mechanical tips (videos included)
  • Race day nutrition advice

Whether you want to improve your time, still have yet to finish, or this race is on your bucket list, Bike Training Plans will help you cross the finish line at the 2014 Death Ride. No caskets will be needed!

Our training plans are meant to guide you to achieve a target time at the Death Ride.  The Death Ride 6 month (January start) and 4 month (March start) training plans are already in full swing. We are now offering a 2 month tune-up plan to help those who are doing some last minute cramming for the Death Ride.

We developed these plans based on years of personal experience and coaching athletes of various ages and abilities to achieve their performance cycling goals. Included in the training plans are workouts with a volume and intensity that will likely result in a finishing target time if you ride strong, have correct pacing, proper hydration, good fueling, and bike skills.

Please note: Age, natural ability, weight, and athletic drive should all be considered when choosing a plan. Review the links below for more information on each training plan.



Summit Tune-up Plan

Goal of 9 to 12 hours

Sportif Tune-up Plan

Goal of 12 to 15+ hours


Death Ride Tune-up training plans begin on May 12th (2 month plan) and run through the day of the event.

2 Month Tune-up Plan

Learn more about the 2 month Death Ride Tune-up plan.

Ready to join Bike Training Plans? Select a plan to get started!





Ready to join Bike Training Plans? Select a plan to get started!

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